Inform travelers about changing legislation to ensure a smooth check-in procedure

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is an important hub for air traffic. With more than 7 million passengers a year and 350 destinations worldwide, it is one of the largest airports in Europe. A smooth check-in procedure is thus crucial to be able to process all these travelers. Yet, ever-changing legislation creates friction in this process.

The Challenge

Due to international safety regulations, travelers are only allowed to take a small number of liquids on board a plane. When these measures came into effect, it was not clear to travelers exactly what they were allowed to take with them. Or what they could still buy tax-free in the See Buy Fly stores.

To ensure a smooth check-in process, it was important to keep the traveler informed of this change. Also to ensure that travelers were aware that despite the measures, they could still buy bottles and other liquids in the duty-free shops. A national campaign was set up for this, for which I realized the online version.

Design process

After user research by Schiphol’s research department, we came to the conclusion that travelers do not read the safety information. Instead of static information such as FAQs, I decided to present the new safety rules in an interactive way and came up with a short, engaging test. Based on their personal situation, visitors can see exactly which liquids are allowed in their checked or hand luggage.

The website opened with a large offer – which literally got wings – to also achieve the commercial goals. We validated whether users understood what they could and could not take with them with intercept surveys. Based on this, I have implemented several design iterations and further optimized the site.

From storyboard to high-fidelity prototype.

Result: Clear security in a smooth fashion

By being able to download discount coupons from the offers and running a/b tests, we also gained weekly insight into which offer had the most impact on the stores. The result was a successful, interactive website that explains in an engaging way what is going to change.

My role

  • UX/UI Design
  • Translating an offline campaign to an online campaign
  • Validating with intercept surveys
  • Measuring impact with coupons and a/b testing

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